Anthem Newsletter 12-22-16


An angel returned
That night through the sky
But time it was short
He had to decide

And so as he flew
Back over the land
A gift for his Lord
Was there in his hand

It was the glow of a light
It was the heart of a song
It was the tear of a child
Where they never belonged
It was the wish of a soul
On an old neon light
And the Lord smiled at him
On that cold winter night

Listen to the bells as they ring
Listen to the message they bring
Listen to the sound
As we sing as one voice in the night

Hoping that we'll all understand
Every dream we have's in our hands
And for every bell
May they ring all through the night

Kyrie among all nations

Peace and Love

Merry Christmas to all  !!

Jim,Lenny Mike, Mark and Kevin


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